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No scalpel needed:

The Ulthera Softlift.

Of course, we're all sometimes overly critical with ourselves. But we just don't want to tolerate loose skin and hollow cheeks. And when we only see tired eyes in the mirror and the eyebrows suffer under the influence of gravity, it is totally understandable that we want to change that - possibly in a way that no one realises it.

Exactly this is achievable now: Ulthera is the name of the new, innovative lifting-method without a scalpel. Thanks to ultrasonics, lifting effects can be attained in a very short amount of time. The Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine belongs to the first Austrian institutions that make use of this non-invasive softlifting.

Ulthera Softlift at a glance:

Ulthera Softlift at a glance
END RESULT:after 3 to 6 months
SOCIALLY FIT: right after the treatment
FIT FOR WORK:right after the treatment
TREATMENT: ambulant with local anesthesia (by request in twilight sleep)
DURATION: 1 to 3 hours
RISK: low
PAIN: moderate to severe
SPORTS: right after the treatment
INCONVENIENCES: It isn't unusual that the treated areas seem to be touch-sensitive for a couple of weeks or that one feels a slight tingling. Rarely it might happen that there are temporary side effect such as small bruises or local numbness which subsides spontaneously.

Ulthera beauty secrets.

The perfect Lunchbreak- Lifting

"You look really good today." Things like this you could hear soon - and you wouldn't even need more time than for an extendend lunch break. Because the Ulthera Softlift isn't only invisibly effective, it is also realisable in a minimum of time.

From neck to eyebrows: here it works.

The Softlift can be used against loose skin in the whole face. These areas are especially appropriate: cervical region, chin, cheeks and eyebrows region. It is possible to either treat only one or multiple regions during one sitting.

Firm skin, no scars: scientifically proven.

At the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine nothing is left to chance: All our treatments are reliable and scientifically proven. By now, Ulthera is the only approved device by the American health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that is applicable for non-invasive liftings that removes the signs of aging skin in the upper and lower part of the face. Also clinical studies at the Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois/USA show that only one treatment brings a visible lifting effect. The results were confirmed by aesthetic surgeons independently of each other. An objective assessment of pictures showed that in 9 out of 10 treated patients a significant lifting in the eyebrows- and cheeksregion was visible within 90 days after the treatment. The patients reported tighter skin in the treated area in the face which supported an overall youthful appearance.

Fast, soft & safe: The High Tech Ultrasound.

During the treatment the ultrasound probe is moved evenly over the areas that have to be treated. The highly focused ultrasonic waves are directly emited into the deeper tissue. As the skin layers above are not touched, the lifting can be performed softly and without a trace. For the treatment result, the exact direction in which the skin and the deeper tissue are lifted plays an important role. Because an aesthetic surgeon is especially familiar with face liftings or liftings in general due to his experiece, he knows the vectors (therefore the directions in which you can lift and the correlated results) better than a user without surgical experience in face liftings.

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