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A new nose changes everything:


The nose, the centre of the face. It influences harmony and aesthetic in a very special way: If it fits in, it hardly attracts any attention. If it doesn’t, it can be a real burden. Especially one thing suffers from this:  self-confidence. The wish for correction is thus totally understandable.

Therefore, it is no surprise that nose corrections are one of the worldwide commonest surgeries. Dr. Rafic Kuzbari is expert in this field and belongs to the best of this discipline.

Rhinoplasty at a glance.

End result: after about 12 months
Socially fit: after 2 -3 weeks
Fit for work: after about 7 days
Surgery: general anesthesia
Risk: low
Pain: low
Sports: after 14 days
Inconveniances: A nose splint or plaster will be put on for 10 days after the surgery. Often the eye lids are puffy and discoloured. This gets worse in the first 3 days and only then it will improve again. For some weeks it isn’t possible to breathe through the nose. During the first days after an operation in the face one might feel depressed. That is totally normal. You can reach us any time for you and we will support you during that short “down-phase”.

The nose makes the face.

The nose is something special. It is important for breathing, enables us to smell and protects us from infections. At the same time, it gives our face a certain character. Therefore, form and function have to be equally considered. Consequently, the surgery is extremely demanding for the surgeon. It is of utmost importance to work highly precisely and to have years of experience – eventually, both aesthetic and function have to be brought into line during only one operation.

And because no face and no nose looks the same, Dr. Kuzbari especially considers the individual proportions of the face so the change fits harmoniously into the overall image and thus looks natural and not operated.

Focus area: nose.

Nose surgery is one of the main focal points in Dr. Kuzbari’s treatment spectrum. The intense examination of aesthetic-functional nose corrections, reconstructions and difficult revision surgeries has been the centre of his surgical work for years.

Understand and being understood.

In order to have a perfect communication between Dr. Kuzbari and his patients, he makes use of a 3-D simulation device: The Vectra 3D. This way, there are no surprises for the patients as - with the help of modern 3D technology - the desired nose form can be seen prior to the surgery. Single operational steps are shown visually. Thus, Dr. Kuzbari can consider the patients' wishes and, together with you, create a realistic treatment goal.

Dream becomes reality

Our nose-spectrum.

In many cases, more or less standardised procedures are applied to treat deformations of the nose. However, thanks to sophisticated operative techniques and approaches, modern nose surgery can do more. Due to this, our range of nose treatments is almost as diverse as the problems to be solved.

Our range includes:

  • aesthetic nose corrections
  • functional nose corrections
  • aesthetic-functional nose corrections
  • reconstructing nose corrections
  • revision surgeries after repeated operations of the nose

Rhinoplasty in a video.

To attain a natural rejuvenation effect for our patient Sabine, Dr. Kuzbari combines a nose correction with a lot of other operational techniques: breast lifting, liposuction, injections with the body's own fat, etc.

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