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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

The Eyelid lifting.

Our eyelids determine whether we seem happy or sad. They give our face a certain mood, eventually they are the frame of our eyes and influence their expression. This is exactly why sagging upper eye lids (blepharochalasis) or fat protrusions and excess skin on the lower eyelid make our eyes - and thus ourselves - seem older and tired.

This optic illusion is supported by the tender, especially thin skin in the surrounding area of our eyes. This is why the eyelids, just like the hands, often tell our real age as the natural aging process starts significantly earlier and faster on thin skin layers than anywhere else.

After all, Dr. Kuzbari & Team are European experts in the field of eyelid correction. They are often invited to international congresses to cover this topic.

Eyelid lifting at a glance:

END RESULT: after 2 to 3 months
SOCIALLY FIT: after 2 to 3 weeks
FIT FOR WORK: after 3 days (desk work)
SURGERY: ambulatory with local anesthesia or twilight sleep
DURATION: 1 to 4 hours
RISK: low
SPORTS: after 2 to 3 weeks
INCONVENIENCES: After the lifting the eyes are puffy and discoloured - like after a surgery. After 3 days  swelling starts going back. Cool packs or frozen peas help (peas are softer and smoother and chill in a comfortable way). During the first days after an operation in the face one might feel depressed. That is totally normal. You can reach us any time for you and we will support you during that short “down-phase”.

This is how we catch your eye.

It's gravity.

The procedure already starts prior to the operation per se: then, when Dr. Kuzbari marks the lids while you're sitting. Yes, sitting, because then the result gets better as Dr. Kuzbari can better take gravity into account. That lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. He makes use of this time to explain to you once more the procedure, so you know exactly when, what and where everything happens.

We take time. For you.

If you've already been wondering why the surgery lasts from 1 to 4 hours: We take the necessary time for every surgery. Not only in preparation, but also in the realisation. It might be that others claim to attain a similar result in 15 minutes - but we don't believe that.

Back to the past.

Many people believe that lifting the eyebrow brings a youthful outer appearance. That's not always true. Studies show that, when we age,  parts of the eyebrows raise sometimes - and they descend sometimes . Rarely the whole eyebrow descends. This is why we ask our patients to bring us photos from their youth. On the basis of these we can analyze the aging changes and thus rejuvenate our patients without changing their faces .

Not too much. And not too little.

One has to be careful when it comes to the adipose tissue: If you remove to much, the eyes look sunken and tired. If you remove too little, one doesn't attain the best possible result. But don't be scared: Dr. Kuzbari is an expert and belongs - due to his years of experience - to the best.

Our spectrum.

The upper eyelid lifting.

For the upper eyelid lifting the excess skin, the fat protrusion and maybe the slackened muscle tissue are removed. The correction can be performed as an outpatient. During the surgery the region is locally an<s>a</s>esthe<s>s</s>tised anesthetised, then a precise incision is made in the natural lid crease and - depending on the extensions of the loose skin - also in the lateral orbital area . Via this access the excess skin and the fat protrusion are removed within an exactly defined range. After the surgery, physical effort should be avoided. Cooling the eyes reduces the swelling. After about 2 to 3 weeks you're fit for society again and only a little scar in the natural lid crease is visible. This scar gets almost completely invisible after some more time.

The lower eyelid lifting.

For the lower eyelid lifting, the loose skin, the slackened muscle tissue and the fat protrusion are put in their original position. The aim is to not only remove the pouches (this is actually a fat protrusion) but to restore the harmonious transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek. To antagonise the age-related tissue loss, the fat tissue of the pouches is moved to the area of the cheeks. If required additional fat is transplanted from your own body  (often the thighs) to the lower eyelid-cheek-junction. The correction can be performed ,as an outpatien mostly in twilight sleep. The regions is locally anesthetised,  then a precise incision underneath the lashes of the lower eyelid and - depending on the extension of the tissue slackening - also some millimetres beyond the lateral canthus is made. Via this access, the protruding fat protrusion is  transposed into the direction of the cheeks. The loose skin and musculature are lifted. Often also the canthal ligament has to be  tightened in order to stabilise the position of the lower eyelid. After the surgery physical effort should be avoided. Cooling the eyes reduces the swelling. After 3 weeks the patients are usually fit for society. In some cases <s>a</s> sufficient lower eyelid correction can be attained by an access to the inside of the eyelid. Then no skin incision is necessary.

The correction of dropping lids.

Again and again Dr. Kuzbari diagnoses - additionally to the aesthetically annoying slackening of the eyelid - that the muscle which elevates the eyelid doesn't work properly anymore. The result is a hanging of the upper eyelids over the pupil, the so-called drooping lids. Drooping lids can be corrected simultaneously with an aesthetical upper eyelid lifting.

The correction of drooping lids brings more than just a fresh appearance: wellbeing. Because of the surgery, opening the eyes requires less effort. Furthermore, the horizontal forehead wrinkles get less, because the frontal muscle doesn't have to be strained anymore. And this doesn't only feel good, it also looks fantastic.

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