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You starved. You worked out. But the really persistent fat depots just don’t want to disappear ... No surprise as exactly those are immune against diets or fitness workouts. But not against liposuction.

One focus of the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine is body contouring. So whatever you have on your mind, or on your hips, or your thighs, your upper arms ... we listen to you – and make your problem areas melt away.

Liposuction at a glance.

END RESULT:after a couple of months
SOCIALLY FIT:after 2 days (longer after liposuction on the neck or the face)
after 2-4 days, desk work
tumescence-local anesthesia with or without twilight sleep (Kuzbari Center, ambulatory surgery), general anesthesia (hospital, 1 night stay)
low to moderate
after 3 to 4 weeks
no bath in the bath tub for 3 weeks (showering is possible after 1 day). Compression garments have to be worn for 2-6 weeks day and night. The suctioned areas are sensitive to pressure. The pain after a liposuction is similar to muscle soreness but it gets better after a few days.

Treatment areas

At first, many people think of the belly or the unloved saddlebags when it comes to liposuction. Liposuctions can be done on almost all body parts such as

  • Cheeks, chin and neck
  • Upper arms
  • Thoracic region
  • Back
  • Epigastric region and waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs and saddlebags
  • Inner knee
  • Ankle and calves

What's going to happen? The procedure.

Prior to surgery the areas that will be treated will be marked with the patient standing. That lasts about 10 to 20 minutes. In the meantime we will once more go through the next steps with you. For the majority of the patients, this is soothing.

Once in the operation room, the tissue will be prepared with tumescence-local anesthesia. Subsequently, a vibration- or a suction cannula will be inserted by making little incisions. Then, the unwanted fat  located in the subcutaneous tissue will be precisely suctioned with the help of thin cannulas.

Liposuction in a video.

To attain a natural overall improvement for our patient Sabine, Dr. Kuzbari combines a liposuction with a lot of other operational techniques: breast lifting, rhinoplasty, injections with the body's own fat, etc.

The video ist in German language.

What you feel.

At Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine, the treatment of liposuction is performed very gently. You will feel the movement of the tissue but no pain. Some patients compare it to a deep massage. The liposuction is being done using a tumescence-local anesthesia with or without additional sedation (twilight sleep). Should you choose the twilight sleep or should it be required for surgery, we will definitely bring in one of our experienced anesthesiologists.

Lasting results.

The results we attain with liposuction are permanent. The reason for this is that the body does not produce new fat cells after puberty. If you’re wondering now why you have still gained weight it’s not because of new fat cells but because of old ones that balloon up and get bigger. A liposuction reduces the amount of fat cells forever and thus sharpens the body contour. Especially in the area of the thighs this fact produces  positive side effect: Although liposuction is no treatment against cellulite, some patients report that their cellulite was visibly reduced.

Soon fit again.

At the beginning a liposuction feels like a muscle soreness. It doesn’t hurt - though touches are uncomfortable. Usually patients can go back to their daily routine after three to four days. The subsiding of the swelling and a possible discolouration is finished after four weeks – without any physical limitations  by that time. After liposuction, the maximum improvement of the contour is to be expected after 6 months.

State of the art safety.

Years of experience.

Our plastic-surgical team with Dr. Kuzbari and Dr. Dobrovits is not only excellently trained, their knowledge is always up-to-date. Quality and individual medical decisions, we talk about during an extensive consultation are of great importance to us. You get an extensive, competent and realistic consultation during a personal conversation at our clinic.

Method with the lowest possible risk.

The liposuction methods used at the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine are according to today’s state-of-the-art standards the one, reducing risks to a minimum.

Ultramodern procedure room.

Almost all of our ambulatory liposuctions are performed in our on-site procedure rooms, that set new standards for Austria. For liposuctions that require an overnight-stay, we perform surgery in the operation rooms of the Vienna International Medical Clinic. The facilities on site  meet the highest hygienic standards and other international standards. 

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