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We have something against wrinkles:


When wrinkles appear on your forehead, your eyes hide behind crow’s feet and anti-aging crèmes haven’t improved anything, then only one thing might help: injectables.

Anti-wrinkle injections are uncomplicated but markedly effective methods for a rejuvenation of the face. Depending on area and depth of the wrinkles, different substances are used. At the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine it should go without saying that we only and exclusively use clinically approved injection material of the highest quality.

3 methods, 1 enemy: wrinkles.

Mimic treatments.

The first form smoothes wrinkles by relaxing specifically the mimic musculature. Thus, it is especially suitable for "frown wrinkles" or "lines of worry" on the forehead but also for "crow’s feet" on the outer corner of the eye. Certain substances are being diluted and injected in a precise dosage in the area to be treated. Except for a few, small pricks that are often visible for only a few minutes the treatment doesn’t leave any marks.

Fat transfer.

The second form of wrinkle treatment uses the body’s own fat for the anti-wrinkle injection. It is especially suitable for sunken cheeks or marked expression lines. After a gentle liposuction the obtained fat will be carefully prepared and used as a volume replacement and for the injection on the face. The transplanted fat cells that survive after 6 months stay for the rest of your life.

Hyaluronan filler.

The third form of wrinkle treatment makes use of hyaluronan as the injection material. This is an substance naturally occurring in our body and an important part of our conjunctive tissue and skin. Hyaluronan products are suitable for both contouring and volume reconstruction, as well as for anti-wrinkle injection in the face. The substance is well-tolerated<s>,</s> and the effect usually lasts for 6 to 12 months.

As gentle as possible.

At the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine, we use injectables that already contain anesthetics. We additionally use anesthetic crèmes and special techniques to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Because at the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine beauty really knows no (or hardly any) pain.

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