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Face Lifting

“Even when I feel young - when I look in the mirror I don’t look that way.” This is a typical statement made by our patients. Yes, the signs of the times start being visible and our outward appearance soon doesn’t fit our personal perception anymore. Especially one thing suffers from this:  self-confidence. But instead of putting the problem off for as long as possible, you could face it!

At the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicin the facelifting is a focus topic. Depending on the treated area, we talk about a neck-, a cheek or an eyebrow lifting. When combining all three surgeries we talk about a full-face lifting.

Face-lift at a glance.

END RESULT:after 3 months
SOCIALLY FIT:after 2 to 3 weeks
FIT FOR WORK:after 2 to 3 weeks
SURGERY:anesthesia (hospital, 2 nights) or twilight sleep (Kuzbari Center, ambulantory)
SPORTS:after 3 weeks
INCONVENIENCES: The face is swollen and sometimes blue after the lifting procedure. The swelling  increases the first 3 days and only then it will begin improving. During the first days after an operation in the face one might feel depressed. That is totally normal. You can reach us any time for you and we will support you during that short “down-phase”.

We're lifting the veils of secrecy!

Lifting on two layers.

The first lifting-secret at Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine is that we do face liftings on two layers. How this works, Dr. Kuzbari explains: “I work on the surface of the skin and on a deeper layer, in the connective tissue and the musculature. The trick is to lift the surface less than the deeper layer in order to attain a natural result that does not look lifted.” Also the direction of the lifting is essential. “If everything gets lifted into the same direction, the face may look somewhat unnatural”, Dr. Kuzbari says.

More volume.

“Many people think that we primarily age due to gravity”, Dr. Kuzbari says about secret number 2. “This is only partly right, though. Often, the aesthetic crucial factor is the loss of volume in the face, due to the  thinning of the bone substance and the soft tissue. This makes us look tired and older.” Therefore, with modern liftings the missing volume is refilled by the use of the body’s own fat in the right areas of the face. When this is done, we talk about a volumetric lifting.

No compromises.

It can always be better, even when others claim the opposite. Dr. Kuzbari always tries to get the maximum out of a surgery – it’s your face after all!

There's the right solution for every problem.

At the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine we have all tools available that can be used for a face rejuvenation such as wrinkle treatment, fillers, fat transplantation, peelings, IPL, lasers or Ulthera - because it must not always be a surgical lifting. Knowing when surgery is advisable and when not is important to spare the patients false hopes and unnatural results. This is why we think that a thorough consultation is important to analyze the face and discuss options to ideally treat the areas that are of concern to you. 

Good reasons for Kuzbari.


You don’t see a good lifting. As a specialist in facial surgery, Dr. Kuzbari  considers it very important that a face lifting should not be recognized as such. We want you to look better, younger, revitalized and fresher. But never different.


Years of experience in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery have made Dr. Kuzbari one of the most experienced aesthetic surgeons in Europe.

Inconspicuous scars.

Due to the precise incision technique and incision placement, scars are almost invisible after an operation by Dr. Kuzbari.

Customized lifting.

Dr. Kuzbari doesn’t propagate a single lifting method. For every surgery an individually customized surgical plan matched to the patient’s wishes is made. Often a combination of different techniques is chosen. The ultimate goal is a natural and harmonic rejuvenation.

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