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Just freeze the fat away:

Cool Sculpting.

Doesn’t it sound a bit unbelievable - reducing fat depots easily and permanently? Without surgery, without loss of time, without scars. To be honest: We thought pretty much the same way! But as we always canvass new technologies regarding their effectiveness and safety for our patients, we kept track of the reduction of fat by cooling it.

After a thorough review of all scientific studies and after considering the really excellent results of our internal study (we tested a couple of devices – not all of them were good), we definitely  changed our mind: Coolsculpting really works!

Coolsculpting at a glance.

END RESULT:The first changes might be visible after only 3 weeks after the treatment and after 2 months they are the most significant. The fat cells will be reduced by the body for up to 4 months after the treatment.
SOCIALLY FIT:right away
FIT FOR WORK:right away
SPORTS:right away
INCONVENIENCES:During the first days the body part seems a little swollen and is touch-sensitive. Some patients experience some redness , slight bruises, swelling, prickling or numbness in the treated part; these symptoms are only temporary.

Why Coolsculpting?

25% less fat.

The adipose tissue in the treated area is reduced by about 25 per cent. This result is attained by only one treatment.

No scars.

Coolsculpting is a soft kind of treatment. It works without a scalpel, without injections or incisions. There are no scars after the treatment.

No surgery.

Coolsculpting is a minimally invasive procedure. This means: no surgery and no anesthesia.

No downtime.

A Coolsculpting treatment takes about 1 hour. You’re fit right after the treatment, either in summer or in winter, and you don’t have any downtime.

Pioneering research work as a basis.

The development of Coolsculpting startet at the Wellman Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital – a teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School.

Under the direction of Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson, body contouring by cooling fat cells was significantly pushed forward. They discovered that fat cells are considerably more prone to cold than the surrounding tissue.

After the basic research work could eventually be finished in 2005, the company ZELTIQ was founded. The company started to clinically prove the effectiveness of the method and to put Dr. Manstein’s and Dr. Anderson’s ideas into concrete technology.

After 500.000 successful treatments the procedure has meanwhile become an approved method of fat reduction. The Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine is one of the first users of this technology in Austria.

How Coolsculpting works.

Diet-resistent fat depots

Many of us have fat depots that resist every diet or sport. Especially the typical problematic areas such as belly, waist, thighs or upper arms are ideal for Coolsculpting treatments.

Cooling down to 3° Celsius.

The fat depots that shall be removed are sucked into a vacuum cover and, with the help of cooling modules, are slowly cooled down to 3°C.

Selective & secure effect.

Coolsculpting has a direct effect on the fat cells. The fat depots are cooled down to exactly defined temperatures where only fat cells are attacked. This way, there’s no harm for the skin and the surrounding tissue.

Natural fat removal.

In the weeks and months after the treatment, the crystallized fat cells will be removed by your immune system.

Reduction of the adipose tissue.

After a couple of weeks the treated area under the skin is hardly recognizable. Approx. 25% of the fat cells are removed. As a patient you usually realize this because your trousers are not so tight anymore, your belt has to be tightened, and last but not least, you can see the change in the mirror.

Slim body & firm skin.

The reduced adipose tissue in the treated areas makes your appearance harmonic. You now have the option to undergo further Coolsculpting treatments if you want to intensify the effect or you can tackle other problematic areas.

The procedure.


An individual treatment needs an individual consultation. The first step to improve your body shape is thus a personal talk with one of our physicians.

During this appointment we have a sympathetic ear for your needs and expectations. Besides, we document your initial situation to be able to design a treatment plan for you on the one hand, and, to make the results objectively measurable, on the other hand.

On the basis of your wishes, your individual body situation and the possibilities of Coolsculpting...

  • Our experienced physicians find out whether Coolsculpting is a suitable method for you
  • Create an individual treatment plan and
  • Honestly inform you about the results you can expect

The actual treatment lasts about one hour. At the beginning, a protective fleece will be applied. Afterwards, the Coolsculpting applicator will be put on the affected fat depots.

With the help of vacuum the tissue will be sucked into the applicator where cooling modules are applied on both sides. You will be feeling a tight dragging and a feeling of pressure. This way we make sure that the cooling of the tissue is as efficient as possible.

The fat cells will then be slowly cooled down to approx. 3°C. The extremely smooth transition from warm to cold temperature protects your skin and the surrounding tissue.

In the first minutes of the procedure you feel some sort of pressure and an intense cold feeling that goes away quite fast. During treatment, many patients read a magazine, surf the Net, read a book, work on the laptop or just close their eyes. Depending on your needs, the treatment will be finished after approx. one hour (one cycle).

In the first minutes of the procedure you feel some sort of pressure and an intense cold feeling that goes away quite fast. For this time period, many patients read a magazine, surf the Net, read a book, work on the laptop or just close their eyes. Depending on your needs, the treatment will be finished after approx. one hour.

After the treatment.

As Coolsculpting isn’t an operative surgery, most of the patients resume their daily activities right after their treatment.

What can I expect?

A Coolsculpting treatment usually leads to a significant fat reduction of about 25% in the treated area. The treatment can be repeated to reduce even more fat.

The first changes appear 3 weeks after the treatment at the earliest. After 2 months the improvements are the most recognizable. Fat depots will be reduced up to 4 months after the treatment.

Tips & advices

The results of the fat reduction attained by Coolsculpting are lasting and durable. Of course, it is important and reasonable to keep living a healthy lifestyle in addition.

Why at Kuzbari?

There are many reasons for undergoing a Coolsculpting treatment at the Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine. Some of them are ...

  • Our many years of experience in body contouring.
  • Our wide spectrum of treatments: We offer everything from Coolsculpting over liposuction up to tightening.
  • We thus have the right method for your needs and only promise things we can make true.
  • Due to our great location next to the Opera in the center of Vienna you can either easily reach us by public transport or by car.
  • Our beautiful ambience – you can get some impressions in our gallery.

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